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Microchip Announces Smart Embedded Vision Initiative for Machine Vision System Design

Intel Introduces Pohoiki Beach, a New 64-Chip Neuromorphic System

New Low-Power e-Paper Displays from Pervasive Displays Feature Yellow e-Ink

ROHM’s Smart City Sensor Module Detects Earthquakes—But the Real Star Is the Algorithm

How Ultrasonic Flow Meters and IoT Connectivity Combine for Smart Metering Systems

Linux, But Hardware: CHIPS Alliance Brings Powerful Players into Open Source Hardware Collaboration

Microchip Adds Three New Members to Its TD Family of Touchscreen Controllers

Diodes Incorporated Introduces New LED Driver-Controller for Automotive Applications

Industrial IoT Roundup: Magnifying the Power of Data through Communications and Analysis

Speeding the Launch of Autonomous Sensing: Analog Devices and First Sensor Announce Team-Up

Sensors Expo 2019: What You Need to Know

New SiC FET Option for EV Charging Applications from UnitedSiC Adds 4-Lead Kelvin Device

Fairview Microwave Announces New Series of UHF Waveguide Antennas for R&D Applications

STMicroelectronics Releases “Tiny” GNSS Module for Tracking and Navigation

The Latest AMR-Based Current Sensors: What Is Anisotropic Magneto Resistance?

u-blox Releases Wide-Area 5G Modules for the IoT with an Emphasis on Security and Power Savings

Smart Home Roundup: IoT Sensors and Wireless Networks for Hazard Detection

Vayyar Imaging Announces 4D Point Cloud Application for Automotive Sensors

Microchip Reveals Investment on Ethernet in the 5G Age with New 1.2 Terabit Physical-Layer ICs

RIGOL Introduces New Vector Signal Analysis Application for RSA5000 Spectrum Analyzer Family

TDK Announces Thin-Film Power Inductor Primed for Mobile Device Design

Design Automation Conference Kicks Off in Las Vegas

Microgrids vs. the Macrogrid: The Applications of Microgrids in Today’s Power Systems

Twice the Audio Quality at Half the Power? New Dialog Audio Codecs Offer Active Noise Canceling

STMicroelectronics Unveils the STM32G4 Series of Microcontrollers

Solid-State LiDAR Gets a Boost Towards Automotive Applications: ams Offers VCSEL in New Team Up

Microchip Lays Out Vision for Power Over Ethernet in Building Automation with New Eight-Port Switch

Aidoc’s AI Algorithm Receives FDA Approval for Flagging Pulmonary Embolisms in Radiology

SiTime Releases MEMS Temperature-Compensated Oscillators for 5G in Harsh Environments

Dialog Semiconductor Introduces New Programmable LDO Regulator for Mobile Device Cameras

Cree Invests $1 Billion in Expanding SiC Semiconductor Fab Capacity, Develops MOSFET Portfolio

GaN Heads to Space! VPT Introduces Radiation-Hardened DC-DC Converters Featuring GaN Technology

UnitedSiC Adds Seven New Silicon Carbide FET to its 650V Cascode Product Line

PCIM 2019 Conference Kicks Off in Nuremberg, Spotlighting Europe’s Power Industry

Diodes Incorporated Announces Versatile New Boost Controller for LED/LCD Display Applications

STMicroelectronics Introduces 650V High-Frequency IGBT Series with an Emphasis on Speed

ON Semiconductor Announces New SiC-based Hybrid IGBT and Gate Drivers Series Ahead of PCIM 2019

IEEE Announces 3 Amendments to the IEEE 802.3 Standard for Ethernet

Dialog Semi Focuses on Ultra-Low-Ripple with New Buck Regulator/LDO and PMIC for Low-Power Devices

Diodes Incorporated Announces ReDriver IC to Boost Signal Quality Over High-Speed PCIe Interfaces

TT Electronics Announces New Gate Drive Transformers for Automotive Battery Management Applications

Silanna Semiconductor Announces New Active Clamp Flyback PWM Controller for Efficient Power Design

Trinamic Introduces the TMC5160 SilentStepStick for Silent Stepper Motor Operation

Trinamic Introduces High-Power Gate Driver for BLDC and PMSM Motor Control Solutions

Apple Cancels AirPower Program Just as the Wireless Charging Power Application Heats Up

InnoMux Chipset from Power Integrations Reaches 91% Efficiency

STMicroelectronics Announces Power-over-Ethernet Chipset for 5G and Smart-Building Applications

Intel Addresses Data Center Needs With Field Programmable Gate Array Series

Industry Trends in Automotive Power Showcase Breakthroughs in Speed and Materials

ROHM Announces New Automotive-Grade SIC MOSFET Series

UnitedSiC Announces SiC JFET Family for Low Power AC-DC Flyback Converters

Popular Toshiba Flash Memory Platform Now Qualified for Automotive Applications

TDK Claims World’s Smallest Point-of-Load DC-DC Converter

RISC-V Foundation Hosting Worldwide Series of Getting Started with RISC-V Events

New LED Drivers from Taiwan Semiconductor Reach Many Automotive Applications

APEC 2019 Focuses on the Needs of the Practical, Practicing Power Engineer

Time-To-Digital Converters Emerge as Key Components in Autonomous Vehicles

New Mesh Networking Products Expand Use Cases for Connected Devices

New Displacement Sensor from Eye Vision Technology Claims Fastest and Highest Resolution 3D Scans

Microchip Announces New SAR ADC Family for the Toughest Automotive Environments

New RF-Sampling Transceivers From TI Feature Industry’s Widest Frequency Range

e-peas Announces PMIC for Energy Harvesting from Thermoelectric Generators

Adesto Releases New Low-Power Flash Memory Devices Targeted at Wearable Applications and the IoT

ams Announces Optical Sensor with Goal of Bringing Medical-Grade Monitoring to Mobile Devices

embedded world 2019 Begins in Nuremberg, Focuses on “Embedded Intelligence” for AI

Mobile World Congress Kicks Off in Barcelona with 5G at the Forefront

STMicroelectronics Releases New Series of Microprocessors for IoT and Industry Applications

Diodes Incorporated Releases New Series of Hall-Effect Switches for Automotive Applications

ON Semiconductor Releases RSL10 IoT Sensor Development Kit with Ultra Low-Power Bluetooth Radio

u-blox Adds Devices with Internal Antennas to Series of Bluetooth 5 Communications Modules

X-FAB Releases New Automotive-Qualified, High-Temperature Galvanic Isolation Semiconductor Process

DesignCon 2019 Begins, Highlights Signal Integrity and Test and Measurement Needed for 5G

nanotron Releases RF Module Collision Detection System for Mine Safety Applications

Toshiba Memory America Introduces UFS Ver 3.0 Embedded Flash Memory

High Speed Video Cameras: Interview with Dr. Jim Bales, Associate Director of MIT’s Edgerton Center

Are Lithium-Ion Batteries Here to Stay? The Promise of Li-Ion Batteries with Silicon Anodes

Internet of Things, 5G, and Cybersecurity Dominate CES 2019

Lower Power, More Reliable Memory, and More Ambitious Applications: Implantable Tech Roundup

Chinese Module Company, Seraphim, to Supply Smart Modules to Australia’s Newest Solar Power Plant

Space Probe Digs Deep into Mars’ Surface, Uncovering the Planet’s Secrets

STMicroelectronics Introduces High-Dynamic Range Image Sensors for Automotive Driver Monitoring

Microchip Technology Introduces Tiny, Low-Power MEMS Clock Generator to Save Board Space

As Emerging Technologies Outpace Semiconductor Processes, IBM Takes Leap Towards 7nm IC Fabrication

Power Integrations Introduces New Family of Brushless DC Motor Drive ICs

ams Introduces Image Sensor for High-Throughput Manufacturing and Optical Sensing Applications

ON Semiconductor Launches Power Modules for Solar Energy, Uninterruptible Power Supples

Meet the Aquatic Drone Saving the Great Barrier Reef with Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Historical Engineers: Michael Faraday, a Founding Father of Electrical Science

Bus Fault Protection for Industrial and Automotive Applications: Texas Instruments CAN Transceivers

Texas Instruments Releases Digital Temperature Sensor Family for Medical and Industrial Applications

Bridgetek Introduces “Credit Card” Dev Modules for EVE IC Geared Towards Human-Machine Interfaces

Historical Engineers: Richard Morley and the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Swarm Communications and CubeSats: An Update on the Advantages and Challenges of Nanosatellites

A Slow-Roll Revolution? Graphene Research Yields New Biosensors, UAV “Skins”, and Molecular Filters

Maxim Integrated Releases Development Platform for Biometrics Monitoring in Health Applications

Does a Smart City Need to be 5G? Three Cities Implementing 5G Today

The Dawn of Gallium Oxide? Researchers Announce New Transistor to Boost Electric Vehicle Batteries